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Xi'an Guanghui Auto Company

Updated: 2019-01-16

Xi'an Guanghui Auto Park is jointly set up by Xinjiang Guanghui Group and an American company. The auto park is located at the center of the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Center, just across from the World Horticultural Expo Garden.

The auto park will cover an area of 33.3 hectares and has an investment of 8 billion yuan ($1.29 million). There will be auto exhibition centers, 4S stores for more than 50 auto brands, and other relevant equipment and facilities. The auto park will have an annual production value of 40 billion yuan ($6.46 billion), with profits of 3 billion yuan ($484.5 million). The project will create 30,000 jobs and meet customers' demands in Shaanxi and other regions in West China.