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Shaanxi Guoguang Film & TV Production Co., Ltd.

Updated: 2019-01-16

Established on January 6, 2015, Shaanxi Guoguang Film & TV Production Co., Ltd. has an editing room, a special effects room, a recording studio, a green screen studio, a 4K review studio, and other facilities which provide creativity, scripts, scene design, film and television shooting, production, on-site DIT (colour modulation, material management, transcoding), post-editing, sound design, special effects production, late light distribution, 4k review, equipment rental and professional training in film and television.


Creativity center of Shaanxi Guoguang Film & TV Production Co., Ltd.. [Photo/itl.gov.cn] 

The company aims to be the leading film, television, and special effects company in the central and western regions and even the whole country with creative thinking, rich production experience, advanced equipment and a professional production team.