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Shaanxi Nongshangyihao E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Updated: 2019-01-16

Nongshangyihao (www.nsyh001.com) is a China-leading OTO-model agricultural e-commerce platform. It was founded by Xinnongdao E-Commerce Co., Ltd., and is sponsored by Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co., Ltd, China's leading enterprise of compound fertilizer, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the State Industrial Fund administered by the five largest state-owned enterprises. It also enjoys the support of strategic partners. With a total investment of 2 billion, it is now China's largest agricultural e-commerce platform by investment. Based on the national capital, national quality, national channels and national technology, the platform is committed to providing farmers with one-stop agricultural products and agricultural planting solutions in the spirit of “creating value for farmers and improving agricultural efficiency”.