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Xi'an Henglv Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Updated: 2019-01-16

Xi'an Henglv Technology Development Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the cultivation and selling of pollution-free vegetables, as well as developing new products and related technologies. It has 21,600 mu (1,440 hectares) of certified pollution-free bases and nine certified non-polluting products.

The company engages in the post-harvest pre-cooling, storage, processing, and packaging of fruits and vegetables, and has six white-processing workshops covering a combined area of 3,000 square meters,

The company's main sales channels are large supermarket chains and e-commerce. Its market share and distribution services are number one in Xi'an.

In order to further develop online sales channels for agricultural products and improve hardware, the company has established the Henglv Agricultural Products E-Commerce Industrial Park.