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China South City in Xi'an

Updated: 2019-03-04

Xi'an China South City is another project of the investor China South Group, and is a strategic step for the investor's expansion in west China.

The project in Xi'an has a planned area of 1,000 hectares, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan($3.27 billion),

Phase I covers an area of 300 hectares – with 200 hectares for industrial use. and100 for residences.

About six billion yuan ($968,000) will be invested in the construction of several special markets for a global logistics base and trade center, which will offer a full range of services, such as e-commerce, warehousing, and distribution.

Xi'an China South City boasts the largest investment in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park. Last year's transaction volume of the China South City in Shenzhen topped 200 billion yuan, which is almost as large as the GDP of Xi'an city.