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ITL Park holds meeting on talent development and scientific innovation

Updated: 2021-04-15

Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park held a meeting on April 8 to summarize the achievements of talent development and scientific innovation in 2020.


A meeting summarizing the achievements of talent development and scientific innovation in 2020 takes place in ITL Park on April 8. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

In 2020, ITL Park and Tsinghua University jointly launched the Belt and Road Talent Development Strategy Research Institute, organized more than 50 talent recruitment activities and assisted enterprises to apply for 13 talent training platforms at the municipal level and above.

The park signed more than 30 school-enterprise cooperation agreements with universities and scientific research institutions and carried out more than 100 industry talent-training activities.

In addition, it added 20 national high-tech enterprises, 183 technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, completed the registration of technology contracts worth 2.16 billion yuan ($330.05 million) and identified 14 overseas high-level talents.

This year, ITL Park will conduct in-depth investigations on more than 20 enterprises in the park in the fields of modern logistics, cross-border e-commerce and the processing trade.

It will also hold talent introduction and training exchanges with Tsinghua University, the Central University of Finance and Economics, Xi'an International Studies University and the Shaanxi Society of Logistics.