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ITL Park launches cloud service windows

Updated: 2021-10-27

Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park launched its cloud service windows on Oct 22 so that businesspeople will no longer have to leave their homes to handle governmental affairs.

The cloud service windows include services for things such as commercial registration, policy implementation, and real estate registration.

Businesspeople can learn about application materials and procedures by watching videos online.

After an application is accepted, if other departments are required to provide answers to the professional, policy, and difficult questions raised by the clerks, they can connect with back-end departments to coordinate answers.

The new service has provided exclusive remote accurate video guidance, helping businesspeople more easily handle online affairs. It is faster than going to a physical window and more intuitive than making a phone call.

To improve the integrity and accuracy of the service process, staff can record important information online. After using the service, businesspeople can evaluate the service quality. Audio and video materials will also be archived for subsequent reference.

Moving forward, ITL Park will include more government affairs-related items in its cloud service windows to provide more convenient government affairs services.