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E-commerce to rise in Xi'an in 3 years

Updated: 2021-11-18

Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, recently enacted a three-year action plan for the city to accelerate the high-quality development of e-commerce in 2021-23.

The plan proposes that by 2023, Xi'an's e-commerce transaction volume should exceed 700 billion yuan ($109.59 billion), and the city should be developed into a top national e-commerce application hub and a Belt and Road e-commerce center.

In addition, more than 10 e-commerce clusters will be built, and more than 100 enterprises with an e-commerce transaction value of more than 100 million yuan should be developed. More than 1,000 new market entities related to e-commerce will be cultivated, which are expected to create more than 100,000 jobs.

To achieve this, the city will select three industrial parks and enterprises with a solid foundation and strong growth potential every year to build into national and provincial demonstration parks and enterprises, to enhance regional guidance, industry influence and industrial driving capabilities.

The city will encourage commercial enterprises to develop online and offline interactive integrated development pilot projects, build more than five online and offline integrated development demonstration stores, and explore new models of data empowerment, scenario integration, and consumption upgrades.

Qualified districts, counties, and development zones will be encouraged to develop regional specialized platforms for key industries.

Xi'an will promote the construction of vertical e-commerce platforms for building materials, electronic products, furniture, and medicine, and support the construction of professional trading platforms for second-hand cars, second-hand equipment, and renewable resources.

A number of comprehensive consumer service platforms focusing on catering, accommodation, housekeeping, tourism, and home appliance repair will be cultivated, as will local life service platforms focusing on ticket orders, online meal orders, cultural tourism, and fresh agricultural product sales.

In addition, the city will help all kinds of qualified market entities participate in the construction of livestreaming bases, and form more than five livestreaming bases with outstanding characteristics and strong demonstratives.

Meanwhile, to boost the green development of e-commerce, Xi'an will encourage e-commerce companies to use environmentally-friendly packaging in the express delivery process.

In an effort to attract e-commerce talent, the city will include high-level e-commerce talent in its talent recruitment plan and help enterprises introduce high-level e-commerce talent for technological research and development, planning and promotion.

Those who meet the city's high-quality talent introduction conditions will benefit from preferential policies according to regulations.